Prudentius' Psychomachia
'Conflict Of The Soul'

British Library Additional MS 24199

folio 2r

The Sacrifice Of Abraham

folio 5r

Faith Trampling Idolatry

folio 6r

Chastity Disarming Lust

Chastity Beheading Lust

folio 8r

Chastity Dedicating Her Sword At A temple

Long-Suffering Standing Unmoved Amidst A Battle

folio 11r

Long-Suffering Being Escorted Unharmed Through An Army By Job

A larger image of Long-Suffering Being Escorted Unharmed Through An Army By Job.

folio 14r

Pride Charging Towards Lowliness And Hope

Pride Falling Into A Ditch Dug By Deceit

folio 16r

Hope Ascending To Heaven, Watched By The Other Virtues

folio 18r

Indulgence In Her Chariot, Persuading Men To Lay Down Their Weapons

Pride Leaving A Feast, 11th century. Prudentius, British Library Additional MS 24199.

folio 20r

Superbia (Pride) thrown into a ditch

A larger image of Superbia thrown into a ditch

folio 24r

Avarice and the careless man

(Avaracie lures a man to his death)

This copy was owned by the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds, England, in the Middle Ages.
Medium: Ink and pigments on vellum
Date: 1090
Picture source: British Library Online Gallery & Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
Prudentius (born in 348 in northern Spain, died after 405) spent most of his life following worldly pursuits, but later turned to writing, in which he aimed to glorify God and atone for his earlier sins. One of his most popular works is a poem called Psychomachia (Conflict of the Soul), which describes the battles between female personifications of human virtues and vices.

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