The lower register of folio 25r
Abram Attacks the Four Kings by Night
British Library, MS Cotton Claudius B IV
An Old English translation of the first six books of the Old Testament

A larger image of 'Abram Attacks the Four Kings by Night', in the Old English Hexateuch, British Library, MS Cotton Claudius B IV.

15 He divided his forces against them by night, he and his servants, and routed them and pursued them to Hobah, north of Damascus. (Genesis 14:15)

Date: 2nd quarter of the 11th century-2nd half of the 12th century
Title: Old English Hexateuch (imperfect), comprising lfrics preface (1rv), Genesis (1v72v), Exodus (72v105v), Leviticus (105v110v), Numbers (111r128r), Deuteronomy (128v140r) and Joshua (140v156v)

Claudius B.iv. was probably compiled in the second quarter of the 11th century at St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury. It incorporates translations and a preface by lfric of Eynsham, while the remaining parts of the translation were carried out by anonymous authors. Peter Clemoes suggests that Byrhtferth of Ramsey was responsible for the compilation as well as for parts of the translation.

Referenced in WAR - 005 - M.Harrison, G.Embleton - Anglo-Saxon Thegn AD 449-1066
The final stages of the battle: this 11th-century manuscript illustration of a biblical subject appears to show the massacre of prisoners, who have been stripped of all weapons except (intriguingly) their shields. Note the Anglo-Saxon broad-swords with tri-lobed pommels, and the conical headgear. The crumpled form of the cap of the man at centre, suggests these are of textile or soft leather rather of metal or rigid leather. (British Library, Ms. Cotton Claudius B IV)

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