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18th century resources:
Ottoman/Vanmour/Vanmour-painting.htm" title="Illustrations of Ottoman Costume & Soldiers">Paintings of Ottomans by Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, made 1699-1737
18C/Luyken.htm">Prints of Hungarians after Caspar Luyken from Abraham a Sancta Clara's Neu-eröffnete Welt-Galleria, 1703
Ottoman/byEuropeans/Luyken.htm">Ottoman Military Prints after Caspar Luyken from Abraham a Sancta Clara's Neu-eröffnete Welt-Galleria, 1703
Ottoman/Vanmour/Vanmour-military.htm" title="Recueil de cent estampes representant differentes nations du Levant">Prints of Ottomans after Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, c.1708
Moghul/18thC/Bhils.htm">Bhil Tribespeople of India from 18th Century Albums
18C/Kenneth_Sutherland-by_Richard_Waitt.htm">Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus, in Scottish Highland Dress, by Richard Waitt, c.1712
18C/Earl_of_Mar_at_Braemar.htm">The Earl of Mar raising the Old Pretender's standard at Braemar, September 1715
Persia/Shahnama/MsPersian78-Houghton_Library_Harvard-f38v.htm">Persian Battle Scene - Shahnamah of 1718-21AD
Ottoman/Hamse-Walters-W666.htm">Hamse (quintet) of the Ottoman Turkish poet Atai, depicting Ottoman, Hungarian & Polish Soldiers, 1721AD
18C/Genoa_In_The_Austrian_Succession_War.htm">The Army Of The Most Serene Republic Of Genoa In The Austrian Succession War, by G. C. Boeri & R. Vela
Persia/Chehel_Sotoun_Frescos.htm">Frescos in the main hall of the Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan, Persia
18C/Cloathing_Book.htm">Prints of British Soldiers from The Cloathing Book, Royal Armouries, 1742
18C/Penicuik_Collection-Jacobites.htm">Drawings from the Penicuik Collection. Jacobite and British Soldiers, Scotland, 1745
18C/Incident_in_The_Battle_of_Culloden-Morier.htm">Scots Highlanders in 'Incident in the Battle of Culloden', oil on canvas, David Morier, 1746
18C/Battle_of_Culloden.htm">Coloured woodcut of the Battle of Culloden, National Museums of Scotland, 1746
18C/Piper_Highlander_in_his_Regimentals.htm">'Piper, Highlander in his Regimentals, Drummer', engraved by I.S. Muller
18C/Highlander_standing_Sentry.htm">'A Highlander standing Sentry', engraved by I.S. Muller
Moghul/18thC/18thC_India.htm">18th Century Illustrations of Indian Costume & Soldiers
18C/Ethiopian-Gondar-StGeorge-white_horse.htm">18th Century Illustrations of Ethiopian Soldiers in Debre Berhan Selassie Church Gondar
18C/SaratogaInfo.htm">Battle of Saratoga Information
18C/Recueil_de_tous_les_costumes-Bar-Arabe.htm">Costume in the Arab section of Recueil de tous les costumes des ordres religieux et militaires by Jacques Charles Bar, Paris, 1778
Ottoman/byEuropeans/Galanterieen_der_Turken.htm" title="Illustrations of Ottoman Costume & Soldiers">Galanterieen der Türken (Gallantries of the Turks) by Christian Wilhelm Kindleben, 1783
Ottoman/Album/Monnier_Bourg-en-Bresse-Ottoman_Album.htm">Costumes Orientaux, Monnier's Collection of costumes and clothing of the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century, 1786, Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse Ms 65
Ottoman/Album/Diez.htm">Illustrations of Ottomans circa 1790 from Costumes Turcs (Diez album)
18C/MysoreWars.htm">Information about the Mysore Wars of Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan, illustrations, maps of southern India and portraits.
18C/Egyptian_Campaign.htm">Illustrations and articles about the Invasion of Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte
18C/Historical_Maps_of_Germany.htm">Historical Maps of Germany

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