15th Century Illustrations of Costume from

Le Roman d'Alexandre - Tome 1

The legend of Alexander the Great - Volume 1

16v: Sanson d'Ailly delivre son message au roi Nicolas d'Armenie
        Sanson of Ailly delivers his message to Nicolas King of Armenia

19v: La mort de Nicolas d'Armenie
        The death of Nicolas of Armenia

21v: Les presents de Darius a Alexandre
        The presents of Darius to Alexander

30r: Siege of Tyre
        Siege of Tyre

33v: Le Combat of the Macedonians against the inhabitants of Gaza
        Battle of the Macedonians against the inhabitants of Gaza

38v: Betis son armee sortent Gaza
        Betis & his army leave Gaza

40v: La reconcilliation entre Cassamus du laris emenidus d'Arcade
        The reconcilliation between Cassamus of the Laris & Eumenes of Kardia

41v: Alexandre au temple de Mars, pres d'Ephese
        Alexander at the Temple of Mars, near Ephesus

44r: Les combats devant Ephese
        Fighting before Ephesus

82r: Les Macedoniens sont repousses jusqu'aux fosses d'Ephese - Gadifer de Lari
        The Macedonians are volunteers to the pits of Ephesus - Gadifer of Lari

88r: Les prisonniers Porus, Cassiel le Baudrain et Marcien sont par Alexandre
        Prisoners Porus, Cassiel the Baudrain and Marcian are by Alexander

92r: La mort de Philippe de Macedoine - Alexandre vient secourir Olympias
        The death of Philip of Macedonia - Alexander comes to the rescue of Olympias

94v: L'armee de Pausanias sort d'Aigai - Alexandre venge la mort de son pere en
        The army of Pausanias emerging from Aigai - Alexander avenges the death of his father

96v: L'oracle d'Apollon
        The oracle of Apollo

100v: Alexandre recoit les messagers de Darius
        Alexander receives the messengers of Darius

104r: Le dieu Ammon vient visiter Alexandre en reve
        The god Ammon comes to visit Alexander in a dream

108r: La bataille du Granique, premiere bataille entre les Macedoniens et les Perses
        The Battle of Granicus, the first battle between the Macedonians and Persians

111v: Le bain d'Alexandre - La maladie d'Alexandre - L'execution de Permenon
        The Bath of Alexander - Alexander's disease - The execution of Parmenio

113r: La bataille d'Issos, deuxieme bataille entre les macedoniens et les Perses
        The Battle of Issus, the second battle between the Macedonians and Persians

120r: L'assassinat de Darius
        The assassination of Darius

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Made in Flanders in the 15th century for the Duke of Burgundy, Phillip the Good (r. 1419-1467)

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