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Paintings of Italian Soldiers of the early to mid 15th Century

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A Naval Battle by Spinello Aretino, Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, 1406-7

Battle of Issus (cassone panel)
by Apollonio di Giovanni, Florence, Italy, early 15th century. British Museum

On The Way To Calvary by Fra Angelico
painted 1438-1445

Fresco Museo di San Marco, Florence

Soldiers with large shields - mozaic on a wall of the Cappella Palatina, Palermo, Sicily

Niccolo di Giovanni Ventura, 1443
La scoufitta di Montaperti

The rout of San Romano 1432 series by Paolo Uccello
(National Gallery, London; Louvre, Paris; Uffizi, Florence)
painted 1440-1450

Horatius Cocles Defending the Sublician Bridge (cassone panel)
by Francesco Pesellino, Florence, Italy, ca. 1450

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