Farinata degli Ubert by Andrea Del Castagno, 1455

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The condottiere Farinata degli Uberti in a mural by Andrea del Castagno in the refectory in Sant' Apollonia In Florence.
Completed about 1455, the mural shows Uberti wearing a combination of plate and mail armour but with a civilian hat rather than a helmet.

ANDREA DEL CASTAGNO (b. 1423, Castagno, d. 1457, Firenze)
Date: c. 1450
Fresco transferred to wood, 250 x 154 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
The picture shows one of the three Florentine military commanders represented in the cycle.
Farinata degli Uberti was a Florentine nobleman who became the leader of the Florentine Ghibellines, the proimperial party. According to Dante, Uberti alone dissuaded the members of the Ghibelline coalition from razing the city of Florence, which they had just captured.
Source: Web Gallery of Art

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