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Paintings of Italian Soldiers of the early 14th Century

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Italian City Militia on the Codex Manesse, 1305-1340

St. Martin Renounces His Weapons by Simone Martini, 1322-26

Guidoriccio da Fogliano, condottiere, by Simone Martini 1328

La Conquête de Constantinople, by Geoffroi de Villehardouin, Venice, c.1330

The Crucifixion by Paolo Veneziano, Venice, c.1340

Frescoes at Sabbionara Castle at Avio, Guard House, c.1340

Battle between the armies led by Laomedon and Nestor, 2nd quarter of the 14th century
Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César, part 3 of the second redaction

Made in Naples, Southern Italy, for a member of the Anjou family.

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